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I am really happy with the result of this round of orthodontic treatment. Even though it took a while the effects are priceless!


They look really gorgeous - thank you so much! I’m glad I had it done, it’s been really worth it! Thanks.


I am really happy with my smile. Big shout to my dentist. Thanks.


I was very pleased with the result. Especially having braces at a late age and all the treatments I had done it was all worthwhile. Many thanks.


I’m really pleased with the progress of my teeth. I just love the feeling of smiling.


Had an amazing experience with the whole team at Angle House for my Invisalign treatment. Super friendly and professional. Highly recommend it!

Silvia Ferrari

Feels like having a new set of teeth and I can’t stop smiling. It was worth all the pains and aches and I am so pleased that I have it done here. The service is excellent! Special thanks to Dr Popat and his staff. Few of my friends/colleagues who have the same concerns I had will be paying you guys a visit as they were all impressed with the improvement they’ve seen in me. Well done, and all the best.


Even before my braces were off, everyone complimented my teeth. Now that they are off I am so happy with the result. NO REGRETS!


I chose Invisalign because I wanted something to fit around my lifestyle. I was comfortable wearing the aligners when I was out with friends and I really enjoyed seeing my treatment progressing every week.


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